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It wasn’t until the 1970s that psychotherapy and medication had become complementary treatments for a wide range of mental health problems. Before that, the combination of psychotherapy and drug therapy seemed impossible; while psychoanalysts considered medication as an inferior treatment for mental illnesses, proponents of biologic psychiatry tended to see psychoanalysis as ineffective and time-wasting.   However, many studies during the ‘70s started to transform the way...

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While there are many therapists available today, choosing a therapist involves various considerations such as cost, experience, personality fit, convenience, therapy style, etc.   However, one of the most important aspects you should consider when asking yourself “How do I find a good therapist?” is whether the therapist is licensed, because only therapists with proper training receive a license. Also, make sure that the therapist is experienced...

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  There are a number of barriers to getting therapy. One must first overcome the stigma around mental health and asking for help and then find one that you resonate with. Once you overcome these barriers there is the expense of therapy. The cost of therapy can vary but often you can find someone between the prices of $75 - $250 for a 45-60-minute session. In...

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